Tuesday, August 24, 2010


TV recap time..

This week I am adding my favorite soap to the mix. (Yes I know it’s not a reality show…just spicing up the mix)

All My Children:
 It has been so good lately. I don’t know who your favorites are, mine tend to change with the story line. I can’t say that I am upset that Erica is gone for a while. She has her travel blog thingy but I have not even bothered to go look at it, even thou I love the idea of soap characters having blogs!

I am loving the Annie/Jr Scott/Marissa mess. It’s sometimes hard to watch because I think JR and Marissa are not very good actors but Annie and Scott make up for it. I think with Annie finding out that Scott slept with Marissa her and JR will hook up but it won’t last.

I’m secretly hoping that Madison goes a little crazy again and goes after Greenly but I don’t know if they will do that since Annie did the same thing not too very long ago.

I can’t stand David, but in a love him/hate him way. I can’t imagine the show without him so it’s not a “wish he would get killed off” way but a “can’t stand that he is blackmailing my favorite girl” kinda way. I like it when I can’t wait to see the next show and it’s been that way for a week or so for me now.

Final Episode of Housewives of New Jersey:

That little girl Ashley needs to grow up! I do not like anything Danielle does or says either but there such a thing as right and wrong and pulling someones hair out of their head is wrong. I wonder what Ashley would do if the tables were turned.

I was hoping that Danielle would have agreed to Carolines truce meeting but of course calling her garbage again didn’t help that situation. I’ve heard that she (Danielle) isn’t going to be on the show anymore…I am happy about this but hope that it isn’t because they are giving her her own show.

I’m glad they are back from Italy. Teresa and her rude little monster children were driving me crazy.

Big Brother:

It has not been as exciting without Rachel there but Brittany is more fun to watch. Last we saw she put up Enzo and Branden. It must be strange for her being the only girl in the house. Well that is if you don’t count Ragan. Ha! I saw Kristen put up the hippie tard and wig on ebay this week. Last I looked it was up to $127 and had something like 27 bids! Wow.

Real Housewives of DC:

I don’t know about ya’ll but it is not really keeing my interest. I am not crazy about the housewives. Maybe it’s just because we have not gotten to know them yet. It took me a long time to warm up to the NY ones too. I can’t wait for the Atlanta women to start again..Oct 4th I think is the first episode.

That about does it for now. What are YOU watching?


Java said...

Big Brother is my all time favorite show!! Its no fun now that Brendan is gone! The rest of the house all get along!

On RHNJ...Ashley does need to grow up! She needs a reality check. I too was hoping Danielle would take Caroline's offer but no...I can't wait for RH of Atlanta! My favorite is RH Orange County!