Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reality Review

It's that time again...Reality TV Review Time! And a reminder that tonight the new season of Flipping Out on Bravo starts! I love watching Jeff Lewis when he forgets to filter what comes out of his mouth.

Big Brother 12: this may just be the week we've been waiting for...Rachel to leave the house Thursday!yipppeeeeee!! I can watch without that annoying laugh maybe next week! I've had friends posting on my facebook page that they think Brendan is using her...I honestly don't think he is that smart. Pussy Whipped...yes! I've really gotten to like Brittany because of her witty Diary Room moments. She totally has my sense of humor.

Real Housewives of NJ: Last nights episode took them to Italy. I felt so badly for Caroline. Teresa and her rude little girls drove me crazy. I usually like Teresa but she really came off like a spoiled brat last night. And I don't believe for a minute that Joe wasnt drinking when he wrecked at 2am! His story about taking shots after the wreck seemed a little too well planned for me. It's funny, kind of like in real life when you say bad stuff about family but don't want anyone else putting down your family, That is how I felt when Daniel started commenting on Joe being drunk and driving..back off hussy those are my people. ha!

Real Housewives of DC: It's only been one episode and then the whole drama over the View..not sure I'm fellin this show yet. The snob level is tad too high for me.

This is the last week for Work Of Art. I'm gunning for Miles to win it. I'm really glad that I came across this show and hope it comes back another season. Every week there is Art that I either love or hate and I always turn it off promising to dig out my art supplies soon.

What did you watch this week, and what did you think?


Donda said...

BB: I didn't like Brittaney to start out with but she is getting huh larry us!! I watch after dark and she, Ragan and Hayden had a talk show the other night. Funny stuff!

Kristina Churchill said...

Thanks for the recap,now I don't have to watch! They are all driving me to drink! (lol)

Stop by my blog and comment on which sketch of Katy I should pick! It is a tough choose!