Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reality Recap

So I've been in reality tv overload! Let me share...

Big Brother...

I am so sick of Rachael that it is not even funny. My DVR cut off half of Sundays show and I didn't even care. Once I saw that she was HOH again this week I was ready to take the week off.

Real Housewives of NJ...

This week Theresa has her baby christened. I can only imagine what that cost! Way over the in the gay wedding on Sex in The City 2, over the top! It would not have surprised me if Liza popped out and started singing. As much as I love that show I am ready for Danielle to go. Have not heard if she will be cast off or not..but Kim G is not a favorite of mine either. I hear that Theresa went on the View this week and they were mean to her..shocker.

RuPauls Drag U

I'm really trying to like this show but straight women just don't bring the drama that the drag queens do. It will do in a pinch thou and I have enjoyed the two episodes I've seen so far.

Work of Art..

I love this show and always feel like getting out my paint brushes or art supplies after it's over. I think Miles is brilliant and can't stand the chick that keeps doing nude shots. She's got a great body but I don't see the "art" in it. Miles is kind of like Adam Lambert on Idol two years above all the other talent.

I missed the Kardashians in Miami this week but the ones I have been seeing make me want to just smack the crap out of Scott. Grow the hell up!

My surprise show that I have fallen in love with is Bethenys getting married?
She was NOT my favorite NY housewife but I just love her show and that new baby is adorable. I think she picked the perfect guy for her and I love watching her with him. They compliment each other nicely.

This month brings back some of my old favorites Flipping Out and something else that escapes me right now.
Housewives of DC starts Thursday..not sure If get totally engrossed in that or not..oh who am I kidding...I will!

I tried to follow Hollys show but she wasnt my favorite Girl Next Door and those tube socks drive me crazy.

That's about it for now..What Reality shows do you watch?


The Girly Tomboy said...

I like Rachael. I think she's a way emotional and is not necessarily making the best decisions. But she has had a target on her back from the very beginning, which must be very stressful. And I do love to root for the underdog.

I can't stand Matt - he's a pompous ass and a liar, which I can't stand. I also don't like the deputy sheriff chick (can't think of her name) because she's a total floater and sucks up to everyone and has no voice of her own. And she's LOUSY at the challenges. Useless.

I really want Kristen to be out this week. I don't like how nasty she is and what a liar she is. It would have been better for her to just admit to her 'showmance' and explain that she just didn't want to be targeted. Instead she's being a bitch and lying at the same time. Lame.

Feral Female said...

I`ll be honest and admit I watch very little tv but I do watch the Fabulous Beekman Boys. Do they count as reality tv??

Holly Diane said...

I've never even heard of the Fabulous Beekman it new?

I agree on Matt...not sure why he does half the stuff he does. He started telling lies way too early in the game. The Sheriffs name is Kathy. Shes not a favorite of mine either. I guess at this point I'd have to pick Brittany as a fav. because I think she's funny. I hate that I don't have a houseguest that I really am pulling for at this point, maybe that will come with time but this seasons guests are falling flat for me.

Anonymous said...

I HATE Rachel too! She is awful!