Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Friday, February 1, 2013

A mouse in the house

While I was in TN visiting my dad we had a new guest move into our house. I'm not talking about Victor. Although he stayed there and took very good care of our fur children , another furry creature decided to move in and make our house its home. You'd think with four dogs and a cat we would not be the most inviting house on the block for new creatures to come visit. But, it's true. We.Have.A.Mouse. In my mind we have millions but I'm telling myself it is just one mouse. One mouse that looks like this (in my mind)

It started with me hearing a little something behind the bathroom wall. Then something much worse happend. I noticed little mouse presents on top of my dresser! OMG they have been in my bedroom! That night when I tried to go to sleep all I could picture was a little mouse party on my dresser watching us sleep. Why weren't my dogs barking and going crazy at these new creatures in our house? Had they made friends while we were gone?

Vic and I went to the hardware store and bought traps. We bought expensive little white mouse traps that would hide us from seeing the creatures after they got trapped.

And we bought the traditional VICTOR mousetraps. It took us another week or so of the nice white house traps not working to actually try and use the Victor traps...I think they are defective or something. I caught my hand setting it a dozen times and never got it to work right...after snapping my fingers a few times last night and getting gum all over the place (yes I used gum...I didn't want to waste my yummy cheese ) the Victor trap ended up in the trash can.

We talked about getting the sticky stuff that the mice get stuck in but we couldn't bare to see the little thing suffer. So we passed.
UNTIL...last night. I was at my computer and the dogs started going crazy running around after something we didn't see. Then all of a sudden I heard something on the bookcase just inches away from my computer. I just know the mouse was sitting up there on a shelf waiting to throw something off the shelf and scare me to death.  

Soooooooooo Today..we are buying the sticky stuff and putting it all over the house (out of reach of the furchildren) and will spend the weekend on mouse alert.

To Be Continued.