Saturday, June 4, 2011

Google Earth

Lately I've been exploring Google Earth. I saw several posts on facebook and twitter that the google earth car has been driving around Sarasota again.

Last night I went back to Missouri (via google earth) and drove by my grandparents houses. It was cool to see the familiar sights but kind of sad to see the houses as they look now. I missed the porch swing on Grandma Ethels house and grandma Dunnys porch was gone entirely ! There was however a new garage along side the house with people standing outside talking. The people were blurry but I let my mind wander to the conversations that had been held in that exact spot by my family members.

Then I came back to Florida and drove by my dads old house.It was kind of neat because they have not updated google earth in a while I guess because dads red truck was in the drive way and his flag was flying on the front of the house. For a moment or two it was almost as if he was still here just across town from me.

Do you ever go visit places on google earth?


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I visit places on Google earth ALL the time. It's fun to show my girls all the places I grew up. I looked at my Grandma's house and wish I hadn't.. because they've let it go SO badly. She always kept it so immaculate and people purposefully went past her house to see her flowers, and these people have let it go and there are plastic yard things all over. OTHER than that little yuck, I ADORE exploring on Google earth!!!

aprilraechelle* said...

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CinfulCinnamon said...

I've tried out google earth too, but I can't seem to find anything current when I go to a location. Is there a way to get something newer when you "go" somewhere? Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Anonymous said...

I do what you did all the time...go visit places I have lived or have visited to see what they look like today :-)

♥I am Holly♥ said...

I love to use Google Earth and visit places where I've been in my life! It's a fun way to spend some time although it is sad to see my old house look like it does now! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

blueviolet said...

Yes, I've done that too. It's fun to see the changes in my own house over time, but I hate seeing changes in homes I've sold. It makes me kinda sad!