Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dog with a job

I"m up early thanks to my darling fur children. I love how they wake me up so I can let them out and feed them and then they run back into bed with Vic and sleep for a few more hours! Unfortunately, once I am up, I am thanks guys! grrr

It's been a pretty good week I suppose. We have made  several reservations at work this week ( *shameless plug* and picked up a few new listings which is always nice! We are really loving our new office and the energy we feel there.

My visit to the dentist went well mouth is still a little sore but over all I can live with it. I have a temporary crown on until the real one comes in. Hey I have a question for ya'll...does it bother anyone else when the dentist and dental assistant sit and chat while they are working on your teeth? Not just how is the  weather, or anything about my teeth but a personal conversation about what they did and with who the previous weekend and stuff like that. I get annoyed at grocery stores with the bagger and check out person have conversations with each other also while ringing up my groceries so maybe it is just me.

Time for a dog story. Dexter is our almost 3 yr old Doxie. He is the smartest of our four dogs (i can type that because the others can't read..but I have to be careful not to think about it too much because I swear Dakota reads my mind!) so anyway...dexter has a toy obsession. It is almost as if he feels like it's his job to gather and watch over all of the toys. Ok more specific, mostly two kinds of toys..ugly doll toys and the wiener dog looking toys. He is so patient too, if one of the labs has  one of his toys he will sit in front of them and just wait for them to either get tired of the toy or to get distracted (DJ helps by running around to get their attention) and then Dexter will slowly get the toy by the ear and drag it off to his pile of protected toys.

Dexter waiting at Dakotas feet while DJ runs interference so the green toy can be rescued.

DJ holding Dakota down so Dexter can slip the toy out

Dexter with the toy!


Anonymous said...

I love Dexter! He's a cutie, so clever, too! I have just one dog, Henry and he's got quite the personality, too. I love writing about him and have even devoted a page on my blog to Henry stories, heh-heh. Anyway, really enjoyed your post and just stopping by from the Lady Blogger's Society. Good luck with the crown!

Nicole said...

I can't believe it - I can FINALLY leave a comment - Blogger is NOT killing me anymore.

Cute pups!

Marti said...

Stopping in from LBS Tea Party!

Your dogs are too adorable! Love the story!

Cole said...

Nothing like a little doxie team work!!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Your puppies are so darned cute!!! I want a weiner dog so badly :)

How cute that they work as a team - I love it!

Nice to meet you, by the way. I'm visiting from the blog hop at Between the Lines :)

kingstongirl said...

I have three fur babies as well. I love your blog its super cute and your blog title is super fun! Great idea! I would love for you to follow me as well. :)