Friday, June 3, 2011


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Five Question Friday:
1. If you had to choose, how would you prefer to choose to spend money...on landscaping or a pool?
Yikes that is hard! Probably a pool thou. Who needs landscaping when you are underwater ?

2. (Scott likes to get things stirred up...) Death penalty, yay or nay?

3. What's the worst thing your kid has gotten into when you turned your back/blogged/showered/blinked?
I have no kids but my furchildren get into plenty when I am not looking. As I was blogging one day I noticed one of the doxies running out the back door with my bra in his mouth!

4. How often do you REALLY go to the dentist?
I am going this morning to have a crown put on...I used to go a few times a year for teeth cleanings but that changed when I found out my husband was sleeping with a girl in the dentists office. I now have a new dentist and of course a new partner~!

5. What is your favorite animal (doesn't have to be a pet-type animal)?
Growing up I collected pigs and loved anything to do with them. It would be too hard to pick just one animal now..I love them all! (well ok not all...spiders,snakes and alligators don't rank high up on that list)

I will also includes todays Photo of the day for June 3rd (Hands)

Creepy hand soap


Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

Haha! I know, I love me some little oinkers! I raised them while living in AZ and talk about some mud lovin fellers!
That's heck of a way to have a dentist! Good thing you have a new partner!
My son tries to put on my bra, haha!
Thanks so popping into Mommy Does... and I can't wait to read more from you!

Lucy said...

My best friend collects Pigs, she has a ton!

Dropping by from Follow Friday!

Check me out if you have time. I'm an odd blogger.

Lucy's Reality

Nancy StylenDecorDeals said...

The creepy hand soap is funny! So cute for Halloween!

Very cute blog!
I'm a new follower from the hop. Glad I stopped by. Hope you can hop by and visit my blog too!
Have a great weekend!

Emmy said...

Okay that soap really is creepy! And you know the dog and the bra probably tops what most kids have done :)

Sorry about your ex and the dentist thing... that sucks

mom2kiddos said...

I think you're right calling them furchildren - they're just as much work and just as adorable.

BTW, those 3D hands do look creepy. Have a good weekend!