Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Todays Topic: Lemonade Stand
I have been thinking and I don't think I ever had a lemonade stand as a kid. I love lemonade but my all time favorite is PINK lemonade yummy does THIS look?

Tomorrow's Topic: Favorite Summer memory

And for my Photo of the Day: todays photo ACTION

For more pics from the doxie derby go here


Jen said...

Um Yeah! I'll take THAT lemonade!!

Doxie durby!! So cute! My grandmother has a mini dachshund! She is SO cute!! Love her!

bdavisnc88 said...

That lemonade looks so good. Did you make it with real lemonade and add some of the lemonade vodka to it?

bdavisnc88 said...

i forgot to mention I am stopping by from the Lady Blogger Social Tea Party. (Dutch Girl's Favorite Things)