Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today we took a break from our diets and had a late lunch/early dinner at Casey Key Fish House.
We sat next to the water and I made a little video of all the fish that we saw swimming by. What a great day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Initial Outfitters Party

I'm proud to share a new wonderful line that I am selling. I hope that you will take a minute and have a look at the catalog!
I'm having an online launch until May 31st. If you are interested in hosting an online party there are many great hostess rewards! Leave me a comment with your email information and I will get in touch with you and set you up, it's that easy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sex, Politics and Religion

From an early age we are taught that there are subjects we should not discuss in mixed company (What exactly is mixed company?) . Those topics are Sex, Politics and Religion. Do  you remember how you learned about them or how they were treated in your life growing up?


I don't recall having the "talk" with my parents. I do know in health class we were taken down to the basement of the junior high and the girls were separated from the boys and we had to watch a film on the changes our bodies were going through and how normal it was even though it would not feel normal. And then having a very embarrassing discussion on how to use maxi pads and tampons. I often wondered what the boys film was about or if they just got to have gym time or something while us girls were being tortured and embarrassed.

My mom pulled out a book on sex. I don't even remember what it was really about, again I think more about the changes your body goes through and not really sex. She had me read it and then she put it back in a bottom drawer under some scarves or something waiting for my younger sister to get old enough to need to read it.

When sex actually started I think she knew because of my journals. I wasn't one to lock it up or even spend much time hiding my journals, I loved to write and wrote every boring detail of my teenage life. Being the good mom she was/is she kept up on what was going on in my life with those journals I suppose.  I bet my journals were pretty uneventful compared to my younger sisters as she reached her teen years!

As a family I don't recall any talks of sex. I knew my dad kept penthouse and playboys under his mattress, mom had a scarf from one of their trips that said FUCK in all kinds of fonts on it hidden in one of her drawers. No wild sex toys or anything too scandalous. I think the most fascinating thing to me was a deck of cards they had with different sexual positions on each card. I think I even showed them to some of my friends. All I can say is maybe it's a good thing I didn't have kids..they'd be scared for life with some of things they'd find hidden in my


I don't think this subject was ever talked about at my house. If it was I must have been bored and tuned it out and gone to my happy place. Somewhere through the years I learned my parents were republicans but I don't even know how I learned that.

Our house was not like some of my friends. We did not have crosses or pictures of the president on our walls. I think my parents voted but could not even swear for sure that they did.

Until a few years ago I could not tell you much about politics either. I registered to vote when I turned 18, I think it was partly because I got credit in some class for doing so. I registered Republican and always just voted a straight ticket for all of the republican candidates. I didn't read up on what they believed in or what their history was. I didn't educate  myself on the amendments on the ballets...I just went and voted and wore the sticker all day showing that I did my duty.

It wasn't really until one day that I was watching Oprah and she had on a very charismatic man named Barack Obama that changed things for me. I started following his career and was impressed at his kind and gentle manor. The more I read , the more I liked him and what he stood for.

My first politically rally was the first time I went to visit my partner, Vic, in California. It was for prop 8. An amendment that would add words to the California state constitution (Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.")  There was a large rally in Sacramento and I was proud to be a part of it.

I realized that being gay in America did not offer me the same rights and privileges as being straight in America. Now before I vote I do check politicians back grounds and what their campaign says about gays being able to get married, adopt, foster, etc.  It's a different world we live in now,that is for sure.


I was baptised as an Episcopalian. Growing up we went to different churches. When we'd come to town to visit my grandparents we would attend the Methodist Church yet when we moved to town we joined the Episcopal Church. I remember Sunday School in the basement with my best friends Grandmother teaching us lessons about life as well as church. How to love our neighbors, not to judge, to show respect not only for others but for ourselves. I've never met another woman like her, truly an angel on earth she was.

Church was an almost every Sunday event for our family. I was an acolyte in the church, my parents were very good friends with our priest and his family and the children I went to church with are still some of my dearest friends today. I did not continue to attend Episcopal Church services as I moved out of my parents house. I rarely if ever go to church now. My "church" is an inner peace that I hold and I can worship my God any where and often do.

How do you remember these subjects in your homes growing up?