Monday, August 27, 2012

Update Aug. 27, 2012

I'm not doing very well with my updates. I have a few minutes today so I'm going to try and remember what has been going on since my last post on Aug. 6th. I made a little video of all things Aug. 2012 ...enjoy!

I have not gotten a date for the lap band surgery yet. I did complete my required visits with a psychiatrist (I passed lol) and I have finished my two weeks of eating for life classes. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the dietitian and then another meeting with the surgeon. So many hoops for insurance to cover this. I'm thinking it will happen in October sometime..happy birthday to me!

We've had a little excitement this past weekend with Hurricane Isaac. It was only a tropical storm when it passed our way. We had heavy rain and wind last night but nothing like we thought it might be. Vic and I went out and got some pictures and enjoyed the energy of the storm but it wasn't nearly has bad as Tropical Storm Debby was for us.

I still have not seen my sister. We've talked a few times but that is about it.I'm okay with that too. My dad something to me that made a lot of sense. He said, you get upset and three days later you're still upset and worried about her, she gets over it and goes on doing exactly what she does and three days later she's fine and having another drink...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekly Update Aug. 6

Another super busy week but a much happier week having my dad and his wife visiting from TN.
He's been here six days now and we've crunched so much in so far! We went to Mote Marine on a sea life excursion trip Saturday. Here is a quick video of the day..

Backing up a bit. I had my first visit with the doctor for my psych. evaluation last week. I have to go again this week. Hopefully I'll I also started the healthy eating class and learned so much in the first class. I've been trying to change some habits but it has not been easy sticking to the diet plan with company and eating out. This weeks class addresses emotional eating and  eating out..wish that would have been last weeks class!

My sister got out of jail and called me first thing this morning. Of course hearing her voice and talking to her for a few minutes just reminded me why I love her so much. As aggravated as she makes me she is still my sister and we will get thru this.

A few pictures from the week