Friday, August 12, 2011

The Help (Movie Review)

A while back I was watching Oprah and heard her talking about a book called "The Help". I knew that it was a book I would want to read and a must see movie!

Today , Vic and I looked up the movies that we want to see (The Help, Final Destination 5 and Planet of the Apes) to see which ones would work with our work schedule so we could catch one early enough after work to get home to the fur children at an early hour. The Help was playing at 4pm and that was just about perfect timing for us.  We finished up work and headed over to the mall. We go to a lot of movies but only have been to a few that have been "full", in most cases we are close to the only ones there but today we were surprised when we walked in to a 4pm movie and it was packed!

The movie was wonderful and I highly suggest it to everyone. If we don't remember where we came from we could easily make the same mistakes again. I just can't believe that this story takes place in my lifetime. :(
As the movie ended everyone just stayed in their seats. I dare say that I was NOT the only one sitting there with tears streaming down my cheeks. It was such a beautifully acted movie and I would put bets on many  awards coming to the cast of this movie. I was not all that familiar with Emma Stone before I met her as Skeeter, the main character, but I am an instant fan now.

I am going to go buy the book and the soundtrack this is just that good!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Funny Cat

I just got back from a visit to my dads house. He left me a warning about his cat (T.T.) so I would not leave anything out that could get carried off. When I walked into the guest room I cracked up when I saw T.T. sitting there reading the note!