Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26 2014 Update

I have meant to post before now but Vic was using my lap top while hers was getting fixed. I have my beautiful pink laptop back in my  hands now and will do better to stay caught up!

In my last blog I mentioned the five people I knew having babies. I can now tell you that one is my niece and the other is my nephews girlfriend. One is having a girl and the other a boy! I have only purchased a few things so far but go crazy every time I'm in a store with baby things. It is going to be so wonderful to have a baby around!

Also since the last post , Vic and I went to see Rosie O'Donnell at McCurdys comedy club. I bought the tickets for a Christmas gift but had to spoil the surprise when Vic was about to buy the same tickets not knowing I had gotten them already. The show was  planned for January but Rosie had some tooth problem and had to re-schedule the show for March. The show was hilarious! We had a really good time time and ran into some friends there too.

We've been super busy around the house with some plans on remodeling and stuff. Not ready to share all of those details yet but will soon hopefully with pictures of before and after. I'm looking forward to a new fence so the dogs can spend more time out in the yard without the barking. I think if they don't SEE the neighbors they won't bark at them...right? Let's hope!

Here are some recent photos of my world..
Vic went back to a charcoal grill, yummy surf and turf 

Picture taken at McCurdy's Comedy Club when we went to see Rosie O'Donnell

My sister Steph got me addicted to these! Nerds jelly beans.

Dexter getting some kisses in while we are trying to take a selfie

St Patty's day Selfie 

Getting supplies ready for girls weekend 

Joined so I get free samples. Love it! 

My March Glam Bag from Ipsy, Love it!!
I love it when I go to the mailbox and my #Ipsy glam bag is there! To get yours too

Night out with friends 

Full moon over Venice