Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learn Something New

Life with the Dietrichs

I taking a big risk asking #5, so if you don’t feel comfortable answering #5 you do not have to…

1. Do you like meeting new people?
Yes, but let me add I like meeting NICE people. I could do without meeting any mean people

2. Do you remember names or faces?
I'm really bad with both..isn't that terrible? I'd remember their pet thou...

3. Do you believe in sex before marriage?
Thats a funny question, it's not like sex is like Santa and you either believe or don't...if you mean do I approve of sex before marriage..YES :)

4. What bothers you about the people of today?
Alot of young people I see don't have any respect for themselves or others and no social skills.

5. Are you for or against abortion?
Seriously do you really think anyone is FOR abortion ? Of course not, they are FOR womens rights to choose what to do with their bodies. I for one am not a fan of having the government tell me what I can do to my body. With that being said I don't think I  could  have an abortion..no matter what. Even if I was told my child would be deformed or have problems my faith would make me doubt the doctor and believe in the power of miracles.

6. Do you ever feel like your friends are ditching you?
No, but I'm afraid that I may make them feel that way sometimes..I'm not the best friend and in all honesty could be pretty happy never leaving my house...I'm a great communicator online,in texts, emails etc...just don't pin me down on face to face interactions...i suck.


jennifer @ what would jen do said...

thanks for linking up. I know, my button thing doesn't seem to work for some people, i went back and put that disclaimer on there. you can go see katie, the hostess because her code always seems to work. i think it's a wordpress vs. blogger thing.

you're right about kids not having social skills, drives me insane