Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Camp and Rainbows

21 Day Summer Challenge, June 26th Summer Camp
(Tomorrow Summer Fashion)

1981 St Stephens In the Hills...Church Camp

I remember many summers at camp. Church camp or girlscout camp. One common theme was usually that I was gone on the 4th of July and it rained!
I do not camp as an adult, it's been years since I've spent a night out in nature but my memories of building a fire and sleeping in a sleeping bag are great, fun memories! It's a bit hot to camp here in Florida I'd think. I went and drove around one of the local state parks with Vic not too long a go to see if we would like it and if we could safely bring the fur children. The fear of wild animals (alligators) had me second guessing the bringing the animals bit...we shall see.

Kind of off topic but only kind of...we have been looking into a place for the littles to stay while we go to the bahamas ....have you all heard of Camp Bow Wow? There is one not too far from us and it looks amazing!! I would so love to own one if I had a million dollars (to buy your own I believe is like $600,000)  Anyway I am totally sold on this place..I sit and watch the cabin cams all the time and I don't even have my dogs there yet!

The Photo of the day Challenge is Favorite Color...being the girly girl femme that I am it is PINK of course but in honor of gay pride month I have to go with the rainbow! :)


Amy said...

Love the picture.. Camp sounds fun.. I never got to go.. I just worked them.. Maybe I can send my little one some day.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture. When I visited Florida I was shocked at how many alligators there were I'd be scared to camp there too! Yay for Gay Pride!

Jen said...

Yay! I would be a little scare of alligators too! yikes! Dog Bow wow sound SO cute!! What a great idea! I always stress a little when we leave town because I have to find a dog sitter! Thank fully my dad helps me a lot!

Traci said...

I didn't go to too much camp as a child but as an adult I've experienced so much camp (as a counselor) that I can't remember not going to camp. I think the doggy camp would be awesome.

You can always come up with your own doggy care center for alot cheaper.