Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Challenge Day One

Welcome to DAY 1 of the 21 Day Summer Challenge!! I am so excited to get started!! I figured before we dive into all the Summer fun (Do you like my choice of words?) I thought we should get to know each other first! So for today lets write an ALL ABOUT ME post!! Be sure to click on the badge above and check out all of the other great posts.

About Me:
I have been blogging for a year now on blogger. I am a 40 something year old woman that feels like she is somedays 13 and  other days 80..but mostly somewhere in the middle.
I live with my partner , I am not one that likes labels but if  you need to put me in a catagory it would,lesbian,queer,femme,...and my partner..butch,queer,dyke...:) (Labels are for soup cans)

I have four fur children (two  miniature dachshunds and two yellow labradors) you will see them on this blog ALOT. I love to take pictures and videos and am worse than any momma with their baby photos. I have a cat too named Pony Boy but he doesnt get mentioned very often.

I work for a property managment company that is family owned (by my mom/sister) and LOVE what I do. My office is on Siesta Key..the #1 rated beach for 2011! If you are planning a vacation over here I'd love to help you out !

I am a reality tv junkie and will often do reality recaps on my blog...some of my favorite shows are Big Brother,Sister Wives,Real Housewives of...(all of them!) Swamp People,Flipping Out,American Idol,Survivor, name it! (except for the Bachelor and Bachelorette...they lost me after Melissa got dumped!)

Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to go read more about YOU! :)

Tomorrow's Topic: Summer....Do you LOVE it or HATE it?


Jen said...

I've always wanted to visit Florida!! Maybe one of these days!! I TOO am a huge TV junkie and yes reality TV is my favorite!! I do watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette although I am not sure why, they never last!!

Again, I am glad you joined in my summer challenge! It should be a lot fun!!

See you tomorrow!!


Amy said...

I am so glad you stopped by.. I am so happy to meet you.. I think you are right about labels... I grew up with dachshunds and love them. I had my first one that was mine. Her name was Sugar and she has been gone now for four years. I got her because she could not have babies and they did not want her. I loved her so much.. I was sad when her back went out and she had to be put down. I hope to have one again some time soon. Can't wait to learn more about you..

Enjoy your day..

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love it when I find out stuff about the people I follow.

I like some reality. Amazing Race is my all time favorite.

Adrienne said...

I'm a Fl girl too! Woot woot!! :)

Also love reality TV, and can't make up my mind if I'm 13 or 80.

Chelle said...

Thanks for your comments, and OUCH on the surgery you have had! One small ankle is nothing in comparison. Take good care of yourself and I look forward to the rest of you 21DSC posts!

Anonymous said...

Its a pleasure to meet you. I love pets so I look forward to seeing lots of pictures of your babies. Maybe some with your partner too?

Jayca @ *cartwheels* said...

Well hello, Holly! I found your blog through LBS, and kept reading because a) I also take a photo every day for my 365 Days of Coffee and b) you said something about it no longer being 'season' when it's summertime . . . goodness, gracious you live in Sarasota, too!

So nice to see some local faces around the blogoshpere:)