Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reality Recap

Sister Wives

The last one I watched (which I think was the season finale but could be wrong) They packed up and moved to Las Vegas to avoid the law.So does this make them fugitives? Do any charges and investigations get dropped just becasue they moved? I'm confused and feel like I've missed some important shows explaining what is happening.
I couldnt help but laugh when Cody kept asking for a sign from God on if they were doing the right thing..I'd think three flat tires would have been a HUGE sign but that is just me.ha!

Something about the last few shows I watched made me feel like it was a little more staged and not genuine. Anyone else picking up that vibe?

Ok next show..The Real Housewives of NJ (BravoTV)
What kind of families act this way?! When there were near fist fights going on at the christening no one seemed too concerened about the children being right there! When questioned about it later , Theresa got very upset saying her children were not around , when the footage of the night puts Gia right there holding onto her mom trying to get her to walk away.
This show has become a train wreck to me that I just can't turn away from.
Much like RHONY...ramonacoaster!

My third and final recap this week is for a new show to me..Spouse Vs House..If you've never seen it the idea is that a husband and wife are planning a remodel. They are given a certain dollar amount and plan on several rooms to re do. The last one I saw they were given $25,000 to re model the kitchen, living room and either garage or master bedoom. The twist is that the wife is taken away for three weeks and the husband has to do it himself with no imput from the wife. You can already see all that could go wrong, right?
It was no surprise to me that the husband in the show I watched this week choose to redo his garage instead of making a beautiful master bedroom for his wife. And when they went back several weeks later the garage looked just like it did before he spent thousands of dollars drywalling and painting it. His saving grace was that the kitchen was everything she wanted it to be and looked awesome. I would be a little worried if I was the wife on some of these episodes!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I think I am missing out on my reality TV. I have seen Sister Wives before. Three flat tires? That's a lot! Maybe that's not the sign they were looking for.

Shell said...

I usually think I'm a reality junkie, but I don't watch these!

Anonymous said...

I sure am glad my life is totally boring that way I can watch those shows and be glad my life is totally

becky said...

I laughed when you said, "i think three flat tires is sign enough"