Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18th Swimming and Eyes

June 18th Photo of the Day: Eyes
It's funny to me how many compliments I get on my eyes when I don't have my glasses on but when I wear them I never do.

21 Day Challenge, June 18th: Summer Memories
(Tomorrow is summer must haves)

My first swimming memories was going to swim lessons at some womans house. I don't remember her as being very nice and even recall being pushed in the deep end. I didn't understand why my mom was making me go through this at all but I must say that I am glad that she did! As an adult now I am always surprised at the number of adults I come across that don't feel comfortable in the water or know how to swim. Living next to the beach , I would find that scary!

My favorite "swimming" times are spent in a pool , on  raft...not actually swimming! (With my dog Scout)


Amy said...

what a scary teacher you had. I think I would have not liked that either.. you are suppose to enjoy the lesson not be scared.. I love the dog in the pool. I use to do that with my dog when I was little..

Yes, you do have pretty eyes even with your glasses on..

Jen said...

Love that picture of your dog on the raft!! SO cute! I don't think my dog would get on a raft like that!! He's kind of a big chicken!! Yes you have beautiful eyes!! Have you ever thought about getting contact?

Holly Diane said...

Thank you! I do wear contacts but see better in my glasses so I switch back and forth. That is how I notice the difference in one seems to notice my eyes when i have my glasses on.

Bethe77 said...

Love your childhood memory of swimming and laying on a raft in the pool the picture is a perfect reflection of that.
Your eyes are very pretty.

Anonymous said...

You do have beautiful eyes! Awww that looks so relaxing and cozy. I think learning to swim is important I don't know how. I am going to go to swim lessons with my daughter and hopefully we both learn. Hopefully I have a nicer teacher, what an intimidating woman yours was