Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 10 in the 30 Days of Truth

30 Days of Truth

Day 10: Someone you need to let go , or wish you didnt know

Wow that seems harsh. The first answer that popped into my head was my ex. I don't know how to let go any more than I already have though. I think I have put a nice safe distance between us and have the power/control over when/how I want to answer calls/texts/emails. I don't think S fits into the category of wishing I didn't know them.

I am very good about cutting toxic people out of my life. When I see a relationship that isn't working for me I move away from it and do not pursue it. There is one person that I can put in this "wish I didn't know" category. That is pretty good for being in my 40's and not having any more than just one person I think!

"J" She was an ex of a friend of mine. I didn't much care for her then but later when she tried to pursue a friendship with me I gave it a try ,only to quickly realize that it wasn't going to work for me. Our first afternoon together I was subject to a crash course in this woman's life. I heard very intimate details about her newest relationship, I was forced to listen to her opinion on every one of her friends, my friends and people that would be at a party we were attending that day. I didn't have time to soak it in until I was away from her. She is one of those people that suck the energy from your body and mind.

I should have known before that day that we would not be a good fit. I had followed her blogs and quickly realized a theme. She would write about her friends in a negitive way without ever saying their names and then preach about love and light. I always worried that if I were to become friendly with her I would end up reading about something she didnt like about me in her blog.

So anyway, I am not going to write the novel that I could on this woman. I am just going to say that in my 43 years of living she is the one person I can honestly say that I wish I didn't know.


marcia said...

This was an interesting post to read since I too know this person. I would be interested in the "novel" that you said you could write too.
Very well written!!

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Nicole said...

Oh Lord.. toxic people and ex's.. the thorns forever in my side.

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Pink Dandy Chatter said...

BTW-I agree about cutting toxic people out of your life. That is always the best way to keep yourself positive...being around positive people.