Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Flip Off 8-20-10

Yay! It’s time for the Friday Flip Offs!!

It’s not like I wait all week for these or anything but I do find myself keeping track during the week of things to post on Fridays. I’m thankful that my lists are generally short. That either means I have a very short memory or that my week has been good!

Ok…since Blogging is taking over my life these days a few of my flip offs are dedicated to blogging.

I’m flipping off the blogs that I want to comment on but make it a pain to do so. Why do I have to sign in and then try and figure out the captcha thingy? It really isn’t fair to put letters/numbers that look alike in those things. If I mess it up more than once I usually give up so Flip Off!

I’m also flipping off the blogs that no matter how many times I close they pop back up. Is anyone else having this problem or can you tell me why it’s happening? It is so annoying. I try to go on to read another blog and the last one just keeps opening, over and over. Grrrrr Flip Off and go away!

I’m flipping off my 11 year old air conditioner and the repair guy that came out yesterday only to tell me that the average life of an AC in Florida is 8-10 years so mine is beyond it’s life span. Flip Off!

I hate to do this, it really pains me to flip off my perfect angel fur child DJ but I must. I have to flip him off for eating poop! The other dogs don’t do this, so why must my favored child DJ do it? Flip Off! more kisses on the mouth for you little boy!

No more flip offs this week for Big Brother..I LOVED having a Rachael free week and even when she came back it was entertaining as hell to see her and ragan fight..I feel sorry for Kathy having to go live with her in the jury house. I was glad that matt didn’t go because that would have just given her one more chance to screetch “Ain’t no body comin between me and my man”

What do you want to flip off this week? Link up over on who is hosting this week for Gigi at!



Danielle said...

Good Flips! I hate commenting on blogs and they have all those things that make it impossible and then I keep getting all these google errors that make me have to go back in and start over! UGH!! Good Flips! And no, I don't wait all week to write these either ;-)

Pumpkin and Piglet said...

I hate the captcha's, they are so annoying! My aunts dog used to eat poop all the time, looking at his face you would have thought it was the best treat ever - yuck!

Kendra said...

Awww, I had a dog that did that too... It's sooo yucky! :-(

Graphic Design by Tara said...

Love the Friday flip off! I would have to hold a daily flip off to list all of mine☺

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