Tuesday, June 29, 2010


To know me, is to know that I go through many "obsessions", I guess that is what I will call it until I think of a better word.
I will find something that I really enjoy and just do it to death and then move on. Sometimes I will re-visit it and sometimes I won't. Some examples..scrap booking, making YouTube videos, playing farmville, petville, social city and what ever other new games came about on facebook. Pogo (the game site, not the stick) blogging, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. 

I am very envious of people that can cook but I really don't have the passion or desire to learn to be good at it. I tried a few dishes when Vic and I were on the Atkins diet a few months ago. Going to the grocery store was my first challenge! I had not even heard of most of the ingredients and then came the terminology of things in the kitchen...dutch oven, meat fork , etc. I did a blog about that experience on facebook  Check that out  here when you are in need of a good laugh.

Now that I am obsessing with blogs, I keep seeing the most amazing crafts and fun food projects. I don't know that I will ever make them..I want to. I am jealous that other people seem so focused and able to do these things. I am a perfectionist that isn't perfect is a good way of saying it I think. In my mind I have a perfect vision of what something should be and then when it falls short of perfection I quit.

My sisters boyfriend said something the other day that really stuck with me and made a lot of sense. We were talking about kids now days (wow that sentence alone makes me sound OLD!) Anyway...the jest of the conversation was that kids want to be the best at something but don't want to put the work into learning HOW to be good at it. I guess that is kind of how I am. If something comes easily for me and I'm good at it, GREAT! If it's work and I'm falling short of being good at it I probably won't stick with it.  Not one of my better qualities.

I know this is something I need to work on. Or maybe I will just keep adding obsessions. I am a very curious person and am always thinking. I would love to learn more about photography but would get bored with the technical side of how and why things work with a camera. Even as I sit and write this blog my mind is off on a million other things. I should make a list of what I want to do. Lists are not my friends but that is a whole other blog.

OK off to start my day...Enjoy your Tuesday!


Robin said...

I'm a lot like this my friend! I can soooo relate!

road-dog-tales said...

Are you our Mom??? :) Looks like fun at the beach! We live close to a beach, too, but don't go that often - too many rules about leashes, if you know what we mean! We have ponds at our house so we still get to swim. We love to swim!
The Road Dogs

hip-chick said...

Oh my daughter and my husband are like this also. The have such obsessive personalities. You have four dogs!? They are all very cute and I bet they really love the beach.