Friday, June 18, 2010

A blog about blogging

As I was working on my blogs and trying to find a place to put them, I read a lot of other peoples blogs. The style that people write in really stood out to me. Some are always funny or always serious, some stay true to writing about one subject. Some write from their dogs point of view. I find those really cute but honestly my dogs are not the best at channeling thru me to write a blog. They are like the dog in the movie "UP" and will start telling me what to write and then...SQUIRREL!~

I really like my friend Serena's blog. OK technically she is Vic's friend but I think I can call her friend too, is that OK Serena? So anyway..I like her muted colors, I love the pictures she puts with her blogs, I like the overall appearance  and her style of writing. Vic tells me that she has always been that way and that is one of the things that has always stood out about her writing. It's small, not a lot of words but the words that are there are deep. Blogs that make you think.
Consistent. In comparison, my blogs are all over the chart. My blogs are much like my thinking, when I'm in a dark place I write poetry, when I'm angry I write about situations, when I'm bored and want to just write I write about my life/pets/events around me. Sometimes they are colorful blogs with pretty pictures about what I am writing about and other times I just stick a picture of Scout up in the corner because I think he's so darn cute. I guess that is what makes blogging so interesting to me, all of the different styles of blogging.

I get lots of ideas about things I'd like to blog about. During the day I will be doing something and catch myself thinking "oh i need to blog about that!". I love watching the video blogs on youtube. I've tried doing a few of those but I really hate being in front of the camera. Here is an attempt :

I'm much  more comfortable behind the camera taking the videos and on the computer writing the blogs, vs face to face...Anyway........... Back to Blogging...