Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Flip Off 6/18/10

I saw some of the most wonderful posts this morning called Friday Flip Offs! It is a great way to give a big flip off (giving the bird) to things that annoyed you over the week so you can be rid of them once and for all and enjoy your least that is what I'm hoping it does for me!

1. Kathie Griffin...stop talking over people! I watched Andy Cohen live after my Bethany's getting married, show last nite and she would ask Andy a question and then talk right over him...very annoying. She can be funny, but for the most part she comes off to me as obnoxious and I'd much rather hear what Andy  had to say.

2. Sarasota Cancer Center..for having the compassion of a stick this past week when I went with my sister and her Fiance to have their first meeting with the doctor. Silly me assumed they would be more aware of the fears and questions a new patient would have and spend a little time explaining what is going on. The doctor literally said "I'm going to call it pancreatic cancer" and then told them he couldn't answer any questions until next week after some blood work came How about at least saying don't go look this up online because it's scary as hell reading what you will find. Or why you are going to call it that verses any other kind of cancer. Dip wad!

3.BP...for making me worry everyday about oil reaching our beautiful beaches here in Sarasota County.

Whew, I feel better already!