Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Flip Offs 6/25/10

It's that time again! Things that deserve a flip off this week..

1. Breaking News that interupts All My Children. I mean seriously can't they just wait a few hours when everyone else is home from work and report it on the news? Or just post it on a line across the bottom of the tv screen like they do for severe weather reports? Will a General stepping down really change anything in the few hours between my soaps and the news?

2. My scale. Gaining 20 plus pounds in the past year is really not acceptable. The scale should have done more about this.

3.Danielle Staub from Real Housewives of NJ for coming out and saying she "is" part of the gay community. *tosses her back*  We don't need you Danielle.

4. BP. Need I say more.


Hungry For Living said...

Just stopped by to check out your blog for New Friend Fridays! ;)

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Hope you are will be doing better. I read "off".
Happy new friends Friday!
Following your blog and would love for you to say hi and do the same!
Xo Frenchy

Gigi said...

Hi! It's Gigi, one of the "concierges" at TBC and owner of KludgyMom~

I had no idea you were joining into Friday FlipOffs..don't think you added your blog to the list? I try to visit everyone's blog...although I was tied up with family things at end of day yesterday. Thanks for submitting to the AList at TBC....:)

Holly said...

Hello Gigi! I'm pretty new at this blog thing so please forgive me if I have done something wrong. I saw a Friday FlipOff blog last week and LOVED the idea and started doing one myself too...I'm running over to your blog now to see about adding myself to the list.