Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sex in The City 2

We just saw Sex in the City part 2 last nite. I LOVED it. I stayed entertained all 2 1/2 hours. Just like part one I could have kept watching long after it ended.
Everything from the music to the shots of NYC and the clothes and shoes..did I mention the shoes!!! It was all just perfect and bright and sparkly. I found myself smiling throughout the entire movie. Vic thought this show lacked the emotional ties that the first one had. There really were no sad scenes that played at your heart strings and some of the lines seemed a bit forced funny, but I still loved it! The gay wedding was awesome!! I wanted to be there. If I had not seen Liza's name in the opening credits I would have sworn it wasn't her up there singing! Can you say "plastic surgery?"

I've never really had a desire to visit the middle east but this movie made it look glamours and so beautiful! I could just imagine the smells and colors of the little market place they visit in Abu Dhabi.

The reviews I've read on the movie have been bad, but for me it was a great date night movie night. Like the first time I saw Sex in the City, there were only maybe 4-5 men in the theatre, definitely not your "macho" type movie, so good luck on getting your husbands to go with you but grab a few girlfriends and I'm sure you'll enjoy the movie!