Monday, June 28, 2010

A letter to all the 20 somethings out there...

This letter is to all of the 20 something year old girls out there. I'm about to tell you something that was never told to me...or if it was I just didn't believe it and choose to ignore it at the time. This is something your moms don't tell you but I will!

You will reach a time when your body betrays you! You know those cute perky breasts that the boys go crazy over right now...they will start to sag, they will lose their "perk". Enjoy it now! Buy sexy tops and take lots of pictures in your swim suits..those days will end sooner than you are ready for. When it starts to happen it happens quick and over night. One day you'll be putting on your bra and have to lift them off of your stomach or worse..your lap!

You will be looking in your mirror and all of a sudden see a 3" long hair on your chin! The question will never be answered as to how in the heck did it grow that long without you seeing it before.

Your eyes will start to get worse and you will go in for your regular eye appointment only to hear your doctor tell you it's time for bifocals because you've reached that magic age of 40.

Those five or ten pounds that you have always been able to gain and lose with little to no effort will become ten or fifteen and be next to impossible to get rid of.

You will wake up sore and stiff instead of limber and refreshed. You won't know when it will happen but one day you'll be sitting on the sofa and realize that you could not sit Indian style if your life depended on it, and FORGET doing the splits or anything like that...your body will fight you every step of the way.

You will pee when you laugh too hard or when you sneeze...what a bitch that one is!

You dental appointments will consist of root canals, bridges, crowns...and always high dollar..Make sure you invest in good insurance before you hit 40 because your health care bills will double what they have been the past 20 years! You will now post of surgeries and health issues on facebook instead of parties and hangovers...speaking of won't be able to shake off a hangover in one day any more, you will feel beat up for at least 2 and sometimes more!

OK the positive to getting older is that you know more. You are more confident and realize what is really important in life. You value quality time with your parents and grandparents if you are lucky enough to still have them around. Instead of a biological clock ticking you hear the death clock and try and fit more meaningful events in your life. You appreciate the small things more.

I appreciate each and everyone of you and really enjoy getting to know many of you on facebook better than I would have without it...Have a great day and my wish for you all is to laugh and smile at least a dozen times today!

For any of you 50+ women please let us know what we have to look forward to ...Im not ready for any more surprises LOL!


In3Dee said...

LOL I love it! And all so true. :)

Erin said...

OMHeck! You are so funny (and absolutely right!) I threw out my back yesterday and go to the dentist on Wednesday for a crown. What the heck?!?! But I take time each and every day to look at my amazing kids and love every minute I am blessed to spend with them. Getting old is a bitch, that's for sure. But enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a life to look forward to, thanks =). I especially loved the part about the "death clock", haha.


Miss Welcome said...

This is all too true. Sadly I am living it right now. That magic turning point!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. :o)

The Empress said...

Oh, if only I knew how beautiful I was back then. Just youth is beautiful.

I am Harriet said...

Hopping by from Follow Friday 40 and over. Enjoyed your post.

Have a great weekend!

Manzanita said...

Bittersweet. A funny post but also very true. But I gotta tell you something. I went through years of lying about my age. It was stressful because I could never remember what I told to whom. Now that I'm 80, I tell it all and i found it's the happiest period of my life.
Women are sooo great.

Java said...

What an awesome post! So true..and so scary! I hate seeing it in print even though its reality! lol.

Dee Crowe said...

I loved this so much I am now a follower. found you on Java's blog. Its so true...I'm constantly giving the gals in their 20's a little lesson what its like to get older. They just look at me like I'm nuts...but they will find out!

LindyLouMac said...

Calling by from Blogflow link up and yes I am a 50 plus! My life as an empty nester is fun :)
Just take a peep at my blog to see for yourself.

Helena said...

Oh man, I'm only 25, and I'm already feeling some of this... Stopping by from Blog Flow.