Thursday, June 10, 2010

Testing my mailing list

This blog is more of an experiment than anything. I want to see of the google group mailing list thingy I had to sign up for will really work to notify my followers that I did a new blog. Funny that a blog site wouldn't include that feature but it appears that you can only set it to send to 10 people. I sure hope more than 10 people see my blogs...the attention whore that I am..ha!

So's a beautiful day here on Siesta Key. The beach is calling my name but I still have a few more hours of work and then I'll be home and not feel like getting back out. What a shame that is! I look out my living room window at the gorgeous sky and just know that the sunset on the beach must be amazing but by then I've already lost the bra and most likey put on boxers and flip going out hours are long gone.

Until the next blog....keep smiling!