Friday, June 11, 2010

Being a Libra

To me, being a Libra is almost like the joke "I'm a schizophrenic, and so am I." I can see both sides to almost every issue and feel strongly for both sides. It makes it hard sometimes to choose a side or make decisions. I see the good and bad on both sides, but can often not recognize which side is the better side to be on. The dreaded scales make most things equal to me.

It makes life challenging for those around me I am sure because it would appear that I can not make a decision and they are left always having to choose. An example..Do you want to go the movies tonight? My mind jumps into this line of thinking..."Oh a movie sounds like fun, I'll get milk duds and we'll get to enjoy the movie on a big screen", oh wait..that means I have to get dressed up and be away from the furchildren, a movie in front of the TV in comfy sweats would be nice! but wait..maybe Vic really wants to get out of the house and I should say yes to the movie because it's date night and we have not been out in a while, dinner sounds nice we would do that too, but wait maybe Vic would rather sit home after a long week at work and is just asking because I said something about a movie a few weeks ago" get the idea. I would enjoy doing either actually but I really have to force myself to say one over the other.

I'm not sure I totally believe in astrology and all of that stuff but what I've read about Libras for the most part I fit in with quite well. Vic is a Libra too and I don't think we are all that alike but we are very compatible.

I am impressed with people that know exactly what they want and go after it. I have a vague idea of how I want my life to be but usually don't have a clue as to what I need to do to get it there (besides playing the lottery and crossing my fingers). When it came time to choose a major for college it was way too overwhelming. I could see myself doing everything and didn't have the passion to do anything..hard place to be in. I choose something my mom loved, Interior Design and felt maybe it would work because it was a creative field and to be honest the two year program sounded better to me than going another four years of school. From very early on my parents were told by my teachers that I probably would not have a typical "woman's" job, I would do something that got my hands dirty or was typically more of a "mans" job.

Interior Design was fun but once again there were too many choices. If I was left with a blank room I could see doing everything from shabby chic to very high tech contemporary. This is a problem. I loved working with blue prints, making renderings and wandering around the merchandise mart in Atlanta but actually working with clients that couldn't make up their minds and looked to me for help wasn't something I could feel very confident about. Can't you just see it now "What do you think about putting a black leather chair in the corner" , Well that would be nice and comfortable, but it also may be nice to have a plant there, or nothing, or a table..or...or...and so on"

Another trait that I'm going to blame on being a Libra is the feeling that I may miss out on something. I have a ton of cds and even an ipod but by not listening to the radio I may miss out on some new song or important news announcement. I am also not one to leave the TV on one channel. I have driven many a person crazy with my constant trip thru all of the channels on the TV.

Ok I think I have shared enough of my short comings for the day..What is your sign and does it fit?