Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I hate grocery shopping!

A blog from January...revisited.

I hate grocery shopping!!!!! There, let me just get that out of the way.

I was trying to be so good this weekend. I pulled several recipes out to try and cook actual meals instead of just cakes..lol I should have known I was in trouble when I read them off to Vic and had to ask what a Dutch Oven was ,Vic didn't know either. I googled it and came up with lots of useful information. I kid you not, one answer was, and I quote "Dutch oven is a fart chamber created by pulling a blanket over someones head and farting". If you don't believe me google it yourself!

Well I looked at Walmart (my least favorite store) and did not see anything that said Dutch Oven on it. Guess I'll have to see if mom has one.

Then I come to the spices because my recipe calls for cumin..wouldn't you know there are choices! Ground or Seed looking stuff..my recipe didn't say which one so i got the ground. The next item I never did find was green chilies...where do I find those? i looked in the produce and found peppers but nothing that said Chile's..I looked by the cans of Chili mixes and still nothing..Grrrrrrrrrrr I need a recipe that shows pictures of the ingredients!

I also needed roasted garlic. Vic asked me if we had to roast it ourselves..luckily that answer turned out to be NO , i found roasted garlic in the produce section..yay me!

I think I spent two hours grocery shopping and only walked out with 20 items! I have to go back later with Vic because I also don't know how to buy meat! Way too many choices in grocery stores!! Even the simple item like Iams puppy food had four different choices...large breed puppies, small breed, toy breed, all natural...Arg!

I get all packed up into the jeep and get a text message from Vic "please pick up cheese sticks" I wasn't about to go back into walmart so I drove across the street to Publix ..thinking I would also look for some of the things I didn't find at Walmart..like tomato salsa. I found tomato paste, tomato sauce, but not tomato salsa..is that just salsa and they are trying to confuse me? Probably!

...OK enough venting..

Back to our regular scheduled programming....Farmville here i come!