Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 3 of the 30 day blog journal

Favorite Television Program.

Hands down it is BIG BROTHER! and it starts tomorrow!!! I can not wait. I have gone to the website and checked out the house. I have read a little bit about the cast house guests but will wait to gather an opinion until I see them in action.
I have seen every season of Big Brother. One year I paid for the live feeds. It was a disappointment. What you see on the live feeds shows you just how much editing is really done and what you've been watching all week vs what shows up on TV is like night and day sometimes.

 So was following on youtube and twitter and not being able to NOT look at spoilers. Wish I was stronger, but I'm I need my big brother fix on days it is not televised.
I still follow old cast members on twitter (Jessie the tool, Lydia, Ronnie, and a few others that don't tweet very often).  Yep I'm hooked...I've waited all summer and finally tomorrow night I can finally tune in!

Any other Big Brother Fans following me?