Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busch Gardens

Yesterday I headed to Busch Gardens with my sister, her best friend and my nephew and his girlfriend. We all have season passes and can go as often as we want. I usually make it up about 3 times a year. 

The park is doing some remodeling and I was shocked to find areas that I have never seen before while I was there. I don't believe they are new, just for some reason I had not seen them on previous visits. The park is not so big that you can't cover it in one day, but if the lines are long sometimes it's hard to fit everything in. I am usually with people that want to cover every roller coaster first. It was nice yesterday to spend a little more time seeing the animal exhibits...I think I could spend all day watching the monkeys and gorillas.

Here are a few pictures from the day...


Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Oh how I loved to go to Bush Gardens. I liked it better than Disney... still do.
There is one up here in Virgina which isn't too far from me, but its not the same as the one in Florida. Once you've seen the best, ya know?

Jenners said...

We're going there in a few weeks!! We've been a few times and it is like a new but familiar experience each time. I love how they have a lot that the family can do together ... and those net climbing things for kids are so awesome!!

Joann Mannix said...

I live around the corner from Bush Gardens. I love the new animals they've added. Although sadly, I don't think the parks the same since they were bought out.

We still keep our Disney passes and I have to say, I think I prefer Disney myself. They just do everything to a perfect Disney T.

Bush Gardens still kicks it, though.

Holly said...

Thank you for all of the comments! I love Disney too but Busch Gardens is closer to me, I agree that it is not as nice as it was before it changed ownership. The new childrens area is awesome with the Seasme Street Characters. I don't have kids but would think they would enjoy that. Who doesnt love cookie monster?!