Wednesday, July 29, 2015

14 weeks no hair color-my journey into going gray

Welcome to my weekly update on my adventure into going grey.  It's been 14 weeks since I've had my hair colored.   Before leaving for work this morning, Vic said she liked my hair and that you could really see the gray coming in. Some people may be upset if their spouse pointed this out..I remember thinking that the first time Vic mentioned all the grey coming in (this was prior to my decision to let it go grey) but instead of being upset about it I was sparked with something close to pride. I see grey hair as something earned I guess lol.  I have a new obsession to look at my ever growing roots when I walk by a mirror. I scour my friends facebook pictures that have grey hair and think they are even more beautiful now. 

My hair was dry and looking good this morning and then it started pouring. Now the frizz has started and it looks a bit more wild. Gotta love the Florida humidity. 
I'm thinking of making an appointment to get my hair trimmed. This is the longest I've gone in years without getting my hair trimmed up too. I love the longer hair so I can wear it pulled back or up when it's hot or I have a bad hair day. 
Ok, I feel like I've talked about my hair enough for this week haha! I am trying to make more videos so I may add a video to this at some point...we shall see.