Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I could go on and on with the titles of movies and plays that could work for this  hair blog..Hair, Roots, 50 Shades of Grey, ha! 

Weekly hair update. I was wrong last week when I said that it was week 10 without hair is actually week 10.  I did a side by side to show the difference in the roots so far. I wear my  hair pulled back in a head band or up with a hair clip a lot of the time so for me it's not super noticeable -but then again I'm a person that doesn't look at or notice the back of my hair either so maybe everyone else is noticing and just not mentioning my grey roots. 

Vic and I went to church last Sunday. The church has a big screen up front that shows the words to the songs and at one point a video take from the back of the church pointed at the congregation, I was shocked when I noticed myself up on the big screen and how long my hair is from the back! 

More pictures from the last week: