Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Week 13 with no hair color

Another week into my all natural hair. No hair color/grey cover up for 13 weeks.  A co-worker mentioned it yesterday but not sure if she just noticed or if she has  read the blog or heard me talking about it.  My mom suggested silver high lights this week , again not sure if it's because she thinks it looks bad or just a suggestion during the growing in stage.   I personally like seeing the grey coming in, I do wish it was all over already thou..I think I'm really going to love it!

Confession time, I only wash my hair about once or twice a week. I have super thick hair and it takes forever to dry and style.  The good thing is that it stays looking the same all week with very little fuss since I've grown it long.  I do use products in it , (dry shampoo, root lifter, hair oil etc) but really spend very little time messing with my hair.  I own about 8 curling irons, hot rollers etc. but they don't get much use. This week I did buy a fat barrel curling iron and used it twice but didn't really care for it. My favorite curling iron is one Vic gave me for xmas a few years ago.  It sucks a small strand of hair in and makes perfect spiral curls.

I got the wig that I ordered off of Ebay this week.  I don't like it. It doesn't fit comfortably and I don't like the very dark  roots/top part of the wig. I should have gotten a lighter color all over and probably shorter. Not sure I'll order another one...because now I know.