Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let's Go To The Park

One of my favorite places from my childhood is Rothwell Park. It is located in the small town I grew up in (Moberly, Missouri). I lived just down the street, within walking distance . Before I even moved to Moberly in 4th grade my grandparents would bring me to Candy Cane City as a baby, to play on the swings and slides. I still remember the elephant slide. Looking at the pictures of Candy Cane City today, it looks like a much better playground, but what did I know back then...I was just a kid! (the photo above is back from my childhood and how I see the park in my mind today)

As I got older the ball parks and swimming pool captured my attention. I played softball on a team called Double Cola and then later went and watched the boys play baseball. The park had so much to courts, ball parks, lakes, hiking paths, play grounds, pool, and endless trees to sit under and get lost in my thoughts. There were hills for sledding, rocks to climb, picnic tables to visit on. I would often walk to the park alone and lay under the trees just to daydream and take in the smells and sounds of nature around me. It had a very calming effect on me. Much like the beach does for me today.

With every age growing up there were special memories of the park. Birthday parties during elementary school, meeting up at the pool in Jr High, hanging out at the ball park in high school or watching boyfriends play tennis on the tennis courts.

I think the park is what I remember most about my childhood and young adulthood.