Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 things about me

1.I think someday I WILL win the lottery.

2.I am not afraid of dying but sad about leaving this world.

3.I wish I would have had children.

4.I think my dad is one of the neatest people I've ever met.

5.I find people in general disappointing.

6.I would like to be a little less sensitive.

7.I can not get enough sweets.

8.Watching acts of kindness touches my heart.

9.I've wanted a house with a white picketed fence since i was a little girl.

10.Hearing my mom laugh is one of the happiest sounds in the world.

11.If I could turn back time I would have changed my sisters life.

12.Nature inspires me, calms me, quiets me.

13.I sang in choir, played the violen, and the clairinet and can't read music.

14.I never memorized the multipication tables.

15.What I missed most about the small town I moved here from was running into people I knew at the grocery store and having drop by company.

16.When I can't sleep at night I day dream about ways to spend the money when I win the lottery. Usually it focuses on decorating and travel.

17.Growing up my family was very similar to the Cosby family..only white..and my parents were not doctors or lawyers.

18.The first concert I ever saw was Adam Ant.

19.I love junk mail.

20.One of my biggest fears is losing my memories.

21.If I could look like any person in the world it would be Halle Berry.

22.I felt a connection to Vic long before we ever met or even started talking everyday.

23.I think pink is the happiest color of all.

24.I hate when people use "on a scale of one to ten" how do you feel

25.My least favorite color is mustard yellow

26.I had a teacher in third grade that flipped my desk over and yelled at me in front of my class. I still loved school ..amazing

27.The first song I ever remember crying to was Open Arms

28.I've cried at almost every one of the final season of Oprahs shows.

29.I no longer care if my purse matches my shoes

30.I don't go anywhere without my blackberry!



Special K said...

I also sang in choir and played the violin but cannot read music! I think that makes us MORE talented!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up!

amber01sw said...

New Follower from Lady Blogger Tea Party, hope you will check my blog and follow me too!

Bethe77 said...

Bouncing around today and checking out many blogs from different sites that are communites. New at blogging and so I thought Id try a few new venues on the different ways to connect. Loving it and the blogs being shared! Learning so much. Love the thirty things about you. So very cute!

MonkeyFace said...

i loved Adam Ant! Ah, the '80s.

Desiree said...

That's so funny! I played the violin for 6 1/2 years, sang in chorus, and played the clarinet, but I couldn't read music to save my life. I wonder how that even happens... :)