Saturday, January 22, 2011


This next week I am going to have surgery. I've only spoken about it with a few friends and so far everyone I've told has either had it done also or knows someone close to them that has. I was already feeling good about the surgery and now even better.

I am having a hysteroscopy and D&C with endometrial ablation.  The hysteroscopy/D&C part is to remove some polyps that I have in my endometrium. I have been bleeding quite heavily since early December and after two ultrasounds they have decided that this is why. The endometrial ablation part of the surgery is to stop the bleeding all together and hopefully I'll no longer have periods. I love this idea! Especially since it is not as drastic as taking out my female parts and messing with my hormones!

The surgery will be an out patient surgery. What they have told me that I can expect after the surgery is
  • Mild cramping for 1-3 days following the surgery.
  • Light Vaginal bleeding/spotting for up to 1-2 weeks.
  • Avoid Swimming, tub baths, sex, tampons, strenuous exercise.
Sooo anyway, next week will be a little crazy for me with pre-op appointments and getting caught up on work so I can take a few days off but hopefully after that I'll be back in  tip top shape and ready to blog again!

Have a wonderful weekend and hug the ones you love!

I had the surgery yesterday. Everything went smoothly. I am super impressed with Sarasota memorial hospital. I have been in several hospitals lately and found Sarasota to be one of the cleanest and friendliest!
I was told to be there by 5:30am , for a surgery at 7:30. Not sure how long the surgery lasted or started but Doc said it would be about an hour if everything went as planned. I was checked out and on my way home by 4pm. I had some cramping and was super tired/loopy from the drugs but by bedtime I was feeling almost normal.

I woke up today like any other day and had just a little cramping. I am going to take it easy and rest for the most part of the day. Luckily I can drag my laptop to bed with me! It's hard to rest when you don't feel bad.

I can't drive for a few weeks so I'll be dependent on friends and family. Maybe I'll get some good blogging in!
Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. I hope that your weekend is fun and exciting in all the good ways!



gigi said...

Hoping things will fall into place for you and that things go well. Blessings.

Holly Diane said...

Thank you Gigi!

Nicole said...

Holly, I had a hysterectomy at the age of 30. I was freaked out and expecting the worst. However, the surgery was a piece of cake, and I had absolutely no bleeding or pain afterwards. Within two weeks I was begging my doc to let me return to work - but he made me wait four weeks. I just decided it would grant me time to catch up on my reading and daytime tv. ;-) Good luck to you and a speedy recovery.

Special K said...

I have had the same thing done twice and I can tell you that I was in pain for the first few days but nothing laying in bed and being waited on couldn't take care of! Just don't push yourself after I did that with the first one and my recovery time was longer. Good luck!

JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

We'll all be sending good thoughts and love your way. To the ladies who posted comments already - love your positive vibes!

I've ut off having this done, but my friend Beth says it's the best choice she ever made!

Love to ya!

Kimber said...

Holly, I had this in 2004, to stop as much bleeding as possible, to reduce chronic anemia. The cramping the first day is the worst, but no worse than a bad mentrual cycle. One thing they did not warn me about.. the first time I urinated post surgery was very ouchy! It only lasted a few seconds, but had I been told, it might not have startled me so.

Also, please make sure they do really thorough post surgical check ups, to check for unhealed scar tissue from the ablation part.

I still have light cycles, and allll the PMS, lol, but no where NEAR like before, and it worked and was well worth it. :)