Monday, January 10, 2011

January 2011

I'm getting used to the fact that we are in a new year now. I've been getting the 1099s gathered for our property owners, and trying to set up my bookkeeping in a more organized fashion this year.

We have tickets to go see The Color Purple on Friday at the Van Wezel . I am super excited about that. I love going to live performances. Hopefully we will fit more of those in this year.

I'm fighting a cold/cough that has hung on way too long. Will most likey have to make another trip back to the Dr. for a second round of meds.

We have not made it back to the homeless camp since the day after Christmas but we have a few things collected and will try and make it next weekend. We want to get a few more propane tanks for pops heater before we go again.

My sister called tonight and is doing better. I had just made the decision today that I would not call or text or stop by her house again until I heard from her and then out of the blue tonight she called to tell me she was feeling better and keeping food down. I am very happy that she is feeling better and hope she will stay on the track to recovery.

I have to show property in the morning. I hope the  people want the house and can move in by Feb. 1st. Our annual rentals seem to fill up fast. (knock on wood!) Wish our seasonal rentals stayed as full.

I've seen so many cute blog ideas lately for a yearly type blog project. One woman takes a picture of her feet whereever she is standing and did a year end blog with pictures thru the year of the places she stood. It was a clever idea but I never think to do that until after i've left a place. Ive been taking tons of pictures on my new blackberry but the quality of the pictures are not very good so I hate to post them. I've sent several to my facebook only to log on later and realize they are so dark you can't even see what is in them.

I'm not very good at keeping up with things I start *glaring at my treadmill that has not been used but once since I got it in October*. I'd like to think this year will be different but I kind of doubt it.  We shall see.

I am just as hooked as ever to my reality shows...and the OWN network. I can't wait til Sunday when Mya Angelou is on Master Class. I'll try and do another reality review one of these days, I am always surprised at how many of ya'll watch those shows. Speaking of those shows, does anyone know if Sister Wives is coming back?

Anyway..I hope that your new year is starting off on a positive note. Smiles, Hugs and laughter sent your way!


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I'm with you - love live performances. It's just seems like such a special occasion when we can get dressed up - sometimes have a nice dinner somewhere - then sit and enjoy a nice performance with no interruptions!

Wonderful news about your sister.