Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night

Last night we finally got back on track and went to see The Color Purple at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center. It was awesome!!  We bought the tickets several weeks ago and have been counting down the days. It was the first time either Vic or I had been to the Van Wezel so we were not sure about our seats, but I had heard that there are no bad seats there. We were on row 23 , seats 11 and 12. The tickets were $55 each, a bit more than we normally spend for date night, but well worth it! It would have been more perfect closer to the stage, but the sound and performance were brilliant.

Of course I had a wardrobe malfunction right before we left home and the buttons on the pants I was going to wear popped off! (note to self, MUST lose weight!). I ended up finding a different outfit but needed a shawl that I could not find and improvised with a black table aren't you proud? LOL  Vic didn't even know until I told her so I think I pulled it off pretty good!

If we would have gone straight home or anywhere else to eat the evening would have ended a huge success! But.....we made the mistake of stopping at the IHOP on the way home in Sarasota. It was after 11pm so our dining choices were limited.

We almost walked out after it took the waitress three tries to find us a clean table. We thought there was a bad odor in the place and later after a trip to the restroom we found out why. I won't gross you out, we'll just leave it at YUCK. The food was average for don't go in a place like that expecting much in fine dining. Vic ordered more gravy for her country fried steak and it never came. I had to ask for refills on my soda because the waitress never checked back in on us. We were happy to finish our meal and head home. The babies missed us and we went to sleep with the songs from the musical playing in our heads.