Saturday, February 19, 2011

Days Like These..

What a great day this has been! In fact THIS is what all Saturdays should be like.

We woke up and decided to take the dogs to the dog park. We went first with the dachshunds. The last time we were there they barked at everyone and didn't really have any other little dogs to play with. Today, however the small dog area had a nice selection of pups. Dexter and DJ had such a good time! They still longed to be over with the big dogs and would run up and down the fence whenever anyone would walk by (by anyone I mean any dog). They barked but not nonstop like our first visit. Their tails never stopped I think they were very happy boys!

It was such a good trip that we came home and thought we'd take the big dogs (Labradors) up to check it out too. Dakota about pulled Vic's arm off just walking to the gated area.  We did not even get into the big dog area and Scout started doing his vicious bark. It was embarrassing! Anyone would be scared by him the way he looks and sounds when he's being that way! We turned around and hauled them right out of there. I'm sure people were looking at us and wondering why we would ever bring such a jerk to the dog park...but I swear he is the sweetest dog ever..he just acts up sometimes (today being one of those times!) I mean just look at that face!

So anyway...we let them go with us to get gas and then dropped them off at the house. We enjoyed a nice lunch at Panera Bread and mapped out our plans for the rest of the day not feeling guilty any more about not spending time out with the furchildren.

For the last few weeks we have been talking about buying or leasing a new car. Vic has done all the research online and we've stopped by the Ford Dealership a few times to have a look around. I've exchanged emails with a man named Gary for over a week now so we decided to go have a test drive on the SUV that we've been thinking about. To our surprise Gary told us to just take it over night and see if we liked it! So we spent the evening driving around town, by the beach and then on to cracker barrel for dinner. It is a great car! That was very smart of Gary because now it will be super hard not to keep this car! It is the color and make/model that we were looking for. It has only had one owner, is in excellent condition and is in our price range...what a deal!
I hope that everyone else had as good of a day as I did. Happy Saturday!!


Jennifer Bruno said...

I love dog park days!!! Your dachshund is sweet. Mine aren't normally barkers - unless the doorbell rings. Then, all hell breaks loose. :-)

Holly Diane said...

Thanks Jennifer! I wish my doxies were not barkers! DJ barks at everything! We used to take Dexter to work with us but had to stop once DJ came around because he wouldnt stop barking. I dread having people over because of him..

Jennifer Bruno said...

Stubborn dogs! I can relate because I feel embarrassed just when they bark at the doorbell!