Friday, February 25, 2011

Being online pays off!

Let me start by saying that I think computers are the BEST THING EVER! I am always plugged in. I have a computer at work, a laptop at home, and Internet access on my blackberry. It is very rare for me to be out of touch. I keep two facebook accounts (work and personal) , two twitters for the same reason, many email addresss but over the years have had everything sent to gmail so I don't have to chase emails down. You get the picture...I'm a junkie!

Just when my partner or family members start to get fed up with my time spent online something GREAT will come of it...I'll reach new clients, win something fabulous or get a better deal because of a deal made online!
Thanks to the Internet I have
  • won $50 on
  • won a FIVE night cruise to Mexico for answering a survey for a local magazine
  • got a better price on a car because I contacted them online first
  • got much faster service from Comcast because I mentioned them in my blog
  • got countless free products and samples from companies just by asking online
  • I became a published writer for associated content and the main blogger for our company website
There are many more personal things that the computer has done for me as well...I met Vic online. I have been able to keep in touch with friends and family on facebook that I had lost touch with many, many years ago. Those relationships are priceless to me.

Vic and I went to an art walk in May of 2009 in  Sarasota and while googling my name for this blog I found our picture at that art walk!~


gigi said...

That is funny you found your own picture. Have a great weekend!

Jenners said...

Wow ... you got a lot more out of being online than me! A cruise!!??? How awesome!