Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Have you ever...

Gone to walmart and forgotten half of what you went there for?
Came home and realized you left a case of soda in the bottom of your shopping cart, in the parking lot?
Seen a guy peeing his pants in front of the store?
Not even been able to guess how much you spent when your partner asked you later?
Picked up the wrong kind of dogfood and not realize it until you are feeding it to your dogs the next day?
Forgot to pick up toilet paper when you only had one roll left at home?

Yep...that was my the rain. Getting old sucks.


Bethe77 said...

That doesnt sound like a fun trip to Walmart at all! Im sorry it didnt go well. Yes to some of the events you had ahppened. yes it SUCKS getting old! in fact I dont think Im going to do it anymore. Blessings

Rosefall said...

Oh dear. I hate days like those!