Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl

Did you watch?

I don't know much about football. I cheer for the cowboys because that is Vic's team. I rarely stay interested in a whole game.

Saturday night we were coming home from dinner out with friends and I suggested going to a movie on Sunday  instead of watching the super bowl. O.M.G. you would have thought I had suggested killing one of the furchildren or something. Who knew it was such a big deal! lol

So Sunday comes and we sit around watching the pre-game and all that stuff. The chick from glee gets onstage to sing and I start tearing up....why must I always cry at sporting events! I get prepared for the tears to start flowing when the national anthem is sung and then as I sit there listening, I say to Vic.."Didn't Christina Aguilera just mess up the words to the song?! She did!!!" Ok so the tears didn't come this year.

I stayed glued to the TV for the entire game! That is something that just never happens. I could not risk missing those great commericals! My favorite i think was the kid in the darth vader outfit. My least favorite was the firestone commercial when they guy thought he sent the email to the entire company....funny idea but what does that have to do with tires? The dorito commercials were cute, and I am still kinda creeped out by Joan Rivers as the Go Daddy

Then comes half time. I made the mistake of logging on to my facebook (from my phone) and saying how much I love Fergie and what a great half time show. For the rest of the game my phone dinged every time someone left a comment on that status. I ended up with almost 30 comments about that! Seems most people didn't agree with me , when I then said something like "must be the steelers fans that are bitchin about half time show" that just sparked more comments. Ok now that a day has passed....I will agree that the sound was not great, some of the lighting on the stage didn't work, but STILL....I think they have great energy..I loved Usher too and just think over all it was a FUN half time show. I've seen better, I've seen worse.

I'm happy with the outcome because I was cheering for the packers. (only because there are steeler fans that I don't like very strongly) I know it's not the best way to pick a team..but as I said at the start, I don't really know much about football.

What were your favorite things about Super Bowl?


Anonymous said...

You completely read my mind haha I feel the exact same way about everything you just wrote lmao.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my favorite was the Christina aguilera one... as you mentioned, it is very shameful etc. but, it was very entertaining.

Cheeseboy said...

Wow. I thought the halftime show as just okay, but I am not all that passionate about it.

As for Christina, she needs to just go away.

My favorite commercial was the Faith Hill/flower commercial, but I'm weird like that.

Deb D said...

Fergie is great still love her! Christina can sing her ass off! Love her voice..always have..Fave commercial was the doritos one with the Gay guys by the

Pennie said...

I am from guess what my favorite part of the Superbowl was?????
Aaron Rodgers!!!! That and we have one AWESOME TEAM!!!! ;) Great game all around!