Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday December 27, 2014

Today was a different type of day for us.
I've been watching a friend get closer and closer to the end with cancer and almost told Vic yesterday that it's about time I stop looking at her facebook statuses because it's just too painful. She has lung cancer. It was this time a few years ago that we found out my dad had lung cancer. Triggers.
Today when I logged on to facebook I saw that a friend did her daily post for her. Hospice has taken over and I don't know if we'll see another message from her directly. She isn't taking visitors..we were not the kind of friends that would visit anyway..we met a few times at different gigs and she was always so kind to us. We exchanged emails, I asked for advice ,she was so kind to share her opinions....I'm hoping it will be a peaceful transition and she won't be in pain. Dying is so hard.

Vic and I got up and out of the house before too much of the day got away from us. Vic got a haircut, I went shopping. I found some cute note cards at JoAnn Fabrics on sale. Maybe I'll write more letters in 2015.  I'm missing my girls from Missouri.

We took a trip to the beach so I could play with the GoPro. It was a beautiful day. Very humid, 80 degrees. The water was calm and the sky was gorgeous. I took a few videos but still have not gotten the editing part down.  I really need to stop reading other peoples diaries and get into the GoPro for dummies book my sister gave me for Christmas.

I finished Andy Cohens Diaries this morning and now I'm onto Andy Warhols.  It is motivating me to keep up with my blog/journal.

We had lunch at Gold Rush, a delicious BBQ place on the Island. I think we eat there at least once a week. I've been trying new things lately. Today it was broiled scallops and they were to die for. I had no problems keeping them down at all. Vic stuck with her ribs and corn on the cob and mac and cheese.

Not to make this all about food but for dinner I heated up the spaghetti sauce my sister gave us for Christmas. Every year she gives everyone her yummy spaghetti sauce.  I miss having garlic toast with it but bread does work with my lapband very well so we've given that up at our house.

The rest of the evening is more binge watching of The Affair on showtime. I'm actually getting into it now too. I like our binge watching weekends. I get lot of laundry done and games played on my phone while I'm engrossed in whatever show it happens to be.  We've done this with Games of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Orange is the new black, House of Cards, United States of  Tara, Girls, Nurse Jackie, and I'm sure a few others. It's the best way to watch TV if you ask me. No commercials, no waiting until the next week .

I was going to share a picture of our trip to the beach today but I think I accidentally deleted all the files :( , before that happened I did manage to put a video up on's longer than I wanted but until I figure out the editing part it will have to do :)

Have a great evening! Hug your loved ones!