Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday December 26 2014

I could have slept in this morning but my internal clock doesn't really let me do that.
It's Friday...the day I put on my cute socks and weight in for my weight loss facebook page. I usually forget to actually write on my banded in Florida blog. It's just not as much fun when I'm not seeing big losses on the scale.   I was pleased this morning to find that I'd only gained one pound over the last week. I totally junked it up over the holidays with Christmas cookies, candy, dips, and everything else that comes along with Christmas.

Vic and I went into work after a quick stop at Staples. There were some great deals but we only needed ink. I did slip a few calendars in the bag. My calendar obsession is still in full force.

Work went by quickly and I felt like I got everything done that needed to be done but I am really wanting to come up and spend a day or so organizing and getting all of the end of the year bookkeeping and filing done. Maybe tomorrow.

After work we went to the mall. Yes the mall the day after wasn't nearly as nuts as I thought it would be. I helped Vic pick out her first pair of glasses. She wears readers but this will be a full time , bifocals, pair of glasses. I was just as bad picking out hers as I am for my own. I am hoping once they get here she'll not hate them.

We wandered around for a while, had an early dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and then went in search for some GoPro accessories. We may have had luck at Sears but could not find a sales person for anything. There was a small group of people waiting around the register area in electronics but after several minutes we gave up and just left.

Our evening was spent with me reading  The Andy Cohen Diaries. I can't put it down. It's delicious and the name dropping of my favorite reality stars  just keeps me glued.  Vic is binge watching some series called The Affair . We are a few episodes in,with me half watching, half reading. I think it will get better but so far I'm not into it enough to put my book down.

We got some really sweet Christmas cards today. I sent out two batches this year. I got a few thank you's from the second batch but no one in the first batch mentioned them..I wonder if they ever got them...I wish I could write a clever Christmas letter but I never do. It's always on my "next year" list..kind of like having cute Christmas photos taken. Some day,maybe.