Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

I hope that 2014 has been kind to you. No complaints here, it started off rocky with Vic in the hospital with doctors thinking she had had a heart attack but thank goodness that all worked out and ended up being nothing , at least nothing they could pin point.

In February we started meeting with the bank and began the process of clearing up credit and doing what we needed to do to purchase our first house together. We finally closed on it in July. We learned a lot in the process and I have a feeling it won't be too long before we do it again! 
We also hit the State Fair in Tampa. It was a cold day but we had a lot of fun! 

In April I started selling FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and picked back up on ebay some. I didn't end the year making as much as I thought I would but it was a nice extra income over the months. My goal at this point is to try and get into it more next year. (Vic too) It's getting harder the busier we get at work but I'm sure we'll work something out . At some point during the year I started working four days a week in Venice and Fridays in really cut into my sourcing and shopping time. 

In May over memorial day I rented a condo on the beach for some of my girl friends from Missouri that I went to school with from grade school on. It was a much needed  and much appreciated mid year break for all of us!

Summer started off with my niece graduating from Nursing School and my  nephew graduating from FSU and started law school in Colorado. I'm so proud of both of them! 

My other nephew had a baby boy in August and my other niece had a baby girl in September , so we are definitely blessed with babies this  year.  Two of Vics friends in California had babies as well , and I am finally going to meet one of them next year!

In October Vic and I went and saw Garth Brooks in concert. Best Concert Ever! We stayed over in Gainsville  and had a really nice time. 

In November my very first best friend (from second grade) came to Siesta Key with some of her friends. We had not seen each other since high school or junior high but it was as if no time at all had passed. They are coming again next November so I hope it turns into an annual thing! 

For Thanksgiving, Vic, Victor and I drove up to TN and rented the same cabin that we rented a few years ago for dad's last Thanksgiving. It was nice being back there and we went into Pigion Forge this time and did some fun things. It was a nice get a way before our busy season hits. Probably not as nice for Victor, I think the phone rang with work calls the entire time.

Now we are in full holiday mode. We've gotten together and made Christmas cookies. Had a birthday celebration for my niece and will be getting together for Christmas. We've gone way over board with presents this year but it's too hard not to with babies in the mix!  Since they are only 3 and 4 months old I'm not sure they will have much fun , but just thinking about next year with them makes me smile! The last baby in our family was my nephew and he's 20 years old now! 

Something that won't happen in 2015 but just hit the news is the ability for gay couples to marry in Florida! Vic and I have set a date  tentatively for Oct 17 2015 (our birthdays are on the 1st and 7th so we liked how it had both numbers) .. Will keep you posted! 

There are other great , exciting things in our near future but I will have to wait to share those once it's a done deal. :) 
Feeling very blessed and happy for all of the family and friends that I have in my life. Thank you!

And....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


Nicole said...

Sounds like a great year! Happy Holiday!

Holly Thompson said...

Thanks Nicole. I hope that 2015 brings you good health and much happiness!