Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Reality TV Summer Update 2012

A quick update on what reality shows are catching my attention and some random thoughts.

Sister Wives: I'm so ready for them all to build a big house and be under the same roof again already. I feel for the kids and think the parents have been very selfish in this move. I'm ready for Cody to get a hair cut..I'd like the show better without him. Go Figure lol

Kendra On Top: Ive only caught a few episodes (maybe there have only been a couple?) I think she used to be cute and dumb. Now I just think she's a bitch and arrogance doesn't look good on her. Baby Hank is adorable thou! I could just eat him up!! The last episode I saw was when Hef came to visit in the helicopter. He looks soooooo old. I wonder about his two girlfriends that he brought..I'd bet they were his nurses.

Real Housewives of NY: I'm enjoying the new ladies on the show. Each has their own little quirkiness. I miss the old days with Bethenny and Jill but I'll still watch. I don't miss the one that had the gay husband..what was her  name? They had the annoying little boys...Alex, That's it..Thanks Vic! :)

Real Housewives of the NJ , I love when Rosie is on! I was on team Melissa all the way even though I really feel sorry for Theresa because of her bone head husband but then I read Theresa's blog yesterday and I can see how alot of it may be true and now I even feel more bad for her..but I'm not totally anti Melissa, I love her and Joe they crack me up. I think Theresa is going to have her hands full with that bratty daughter Gia..Ms Crazy Eyes.

Real Housewives of OC, I loved the girls trip to Costa Rica. Poor fake Alexiis got attacked by the girls. I doubt any of it will make a difference thou. Hey at least she's beautiful..that will get her pretty far in CA

Mrs. Eastwood and Co. Vic likes this show so we watch it but it hasnt really caught my attention yet. I'll play on the computer and listen to it but rarely see a full episode. Not enough drama I guess lol

Kardashions: yep..I watch. I love the show and everything Kardashion except Kims latest beau...she could do so much better (or maybe I'd just like to believe that) I think with Kayne she will be with yet another guy that she has to constantly make apologies for his behavior.

So what are you watching? Agree with my take on these shows or not?