Saturday, June 16, 2012

Videos, Movies and MORE

Happy Saturday ya'll! I hope that you've had a great week.
I kind of felt like I was in a funk this past week but then as soon as it came on it left ! I was sitting at Ruby Tuesday with Vic having dinner last night and was thinking "I think I'm in a funk" and then no sooner had I said that I picked up my straw and shot the wrapper at Vic spit ball style and ..wait for landed right on Vic's lip!!! We both laughed so hard that I thought I was going to either pee myself or pass out. And just like that the funk was lifted!

Thursday night we had a delicious dinner at Javiers Restaurant next to our office. I'm sure the food was good but the three bottles of Sangria were damn tasty! Mom and Greg kept talking about a movie that they had just seen that they were sure would be winning all kind of awards and the best movie ever. It was the best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Vic and I had the hardest time staying awake during this movie. It did get better but I don't know if it's my age or taste in movies or what but I didn't care for the movie.

I thought we were going to have a nice relaxing day just hanging out but we just got some work calls and now have to go show property...ugh! I'll write more later. Enjoy your weekend!!

Ok, I'm back. Vic went alone so I could stay home and finish up some stuff around here. It's father's Day weekend and I'm working on a video for my dad :)

I've been so excited about getting a bike. I posted a picture of an adorable pink bike on my facebook last week. And with the  beauty of facebook my mom saw it and contacted me to say I could use her bike! She got a bike last Christmas and isn't using it. When we met her for dinner Thursday night ,Greg brought it up to the office. It's adorable!

To my disappointment when I got home and tried to ride it was super uncomfortable and I could not even get down the block without totally being out of breath. I know part of it is my asthma but the bigger part is being so over weight and out of shape. I came in the house totally pissed off at myself and just depressed. 

You all know what a huge fan of housewives of ....fill in the blank, I am,but right now i'm talking about NJ. One of the people on the show is named Lauren and she fights being over weight. There have been pictures of her  showing up that show off a much slimmer body and it finally came out this week that she has had the gastric lap band surgery. Almost instantly when I read that I started doing research on it to see if it was something that I thought could work for me. I've been looked at tons of videos on youtube and I even called my doctor Friday for a recommendation! I will be calling Monday so I can talk about it with the doctor. While i have wonderful insurance I am going to see if it's covered and look into having this done. I know that exercise and dieting could also work but I am so beyond out of shape since I've had my hips replaced that I just can't get going on it for some reason. I will keep you posted on my journey...wish me luck!! :)