Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

Woohoo It's Friday! This week has been crazy. Somethings I can't find the words to post about even if I wanted to.

 On the happy side Victor (my partners son) passed his state test so we now have two agents in our office! :) Yay!!

My dad is suppose to start his final round of Chemo next Monday but they have to run some more tests because there was an issue with his blood work. I hope it all goes as planned so he can be done with this and relax without having to go to chemo/doctors/etc. all the time. (and selfishly so he can come visit us  in FL!)

I made the first step since my last blog and called my doctor about the lap band surgery. I have an appointment Monday to discuss it more. From what I've read online I should be covered by my insurance. I've also been following a lot of women that have had it done on youtube and gotten some insight on what to expect (good and bad). I am still really wanting to do this.

I did get back on that bike and made it all the way around the block! It's been raining or dark by the time we've gotten home most of the week to get back on it but I feel better about it now that I've done it once.

We have a storm out in the gulf looking to bring lots of rain to our weekend. If it becomes a hurricane it will be named Debby. Hurricane season is always mixed for me..there is some excitement that comes with storms but it's also scary after seeing the devastation a few years ago by Charlie, Irene and other storms near by. I worry about the fur babies the most. We are pretty good to have a "kit" with water, lanterns, crackers, etc. but as I saw from my some of my friends in years past, when you are without power for weeks on end it gets pretty miserable ..maybe we should add a generator to our "kit".

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you do. Stay dry and hug your daddies!

Some instagram pictures from this week: