Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer TV, Shopping, Movies

It's that time again when all the shows have stopped for summer. Sadly no more Revenge, Grays Anatomy, Private practice, Etc.... thankfully we have Bravo and all the housewives to watch and SOON Big Brother is starting again. Until then Vic has me watching Duck Dynasty and Swamp People. Ugh

I hope everyone is having a good summer. I have really been in a blogging funk and not knowing what to blog about. I have been back obsessed with youtube and following some really interesting people. I keep thinking that I will get brave and start making videos but I'm really more of a voyeur and not so much into being in front of the camera. We will see..

I've been keeping up with my dad quite a bit as he goes thru his chemo. Last week was the 5th session. He just had to have blood transfusions for the first time and it made him feel much better , for a day anyway. My older sister and her husband and middle daughter are going to to visit him this week on their way back from Missouri. I know he's really looking forward to that. I hope he's feeling  "up" when they are there and can get some good visiting time in.  I went up for a few weeks in March or April after his first round of chemo. Since then we've been skyping every week and staying in touch on facebook. Another reason I LOVE all this social networking and technology.

Yesterday Vic and I went baby shopping for a friends baby shower next weekend. OMG there are soooo many cute baby things out there. I wish someone around here would have a baby (hint hint Mallory)
I think today we are going to go see Prometheus. Not my usual kind of movie but it looked good in the trailers and it's totally Vic and Victors type. I'll let ya know what I thought later.

Anyway, it's almost 10am and we've already had our first maintenance call from work (AC not working) so it's time to get busy and start our day. Enjoy!!