Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More TV Talk

Today when I got up to let the dogs out I was surprised with cool air when I opened the door. Most mornings it has been a breeze of hot air hitting me in the face mixed in with such humidity that your skin almost looks wet. Summer is coming to an end.

Tonight is the final episode of Big Brother.  I will watch but really don't care who wins at this point. As much as I hate to admit it, the show became rather boring after Rachel and Brendan left. I was hoping for Brittany to win but with the brigade in place that just wasn't happening.

Survivor starts tonight too but I have not been watching the last few years. I may try the first episode but I don't think it will be come a "must watch" I like Modern Family and the Middle too much and they are also on Wednesday nights.

While watching Oprah yesterday she said that she has 130 shows in her final season. We are two down :( , I wonder if i will cry during every dang one?! I made it all the way thru yesterdays show until the Judds starting singing and showing a video full of clips from popular Oprah moments. Where have the past 25 years gone..holy cow that went fast!


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